Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Television. Interviews. Ants in your hair.

Three of us involved with Our Portland Story got to experience all of the above when we filmed Outlook Portland a couple of weeks ago. If you missed the show (which you would have if you sleep past 6:30am on Sunday mornings), you can find the links to the show's four segments here:

Segment 1 - Rick Emerson interviews Melissa Delzio about Our Portland Story
Segment 2 - Ditto. Also, details about Alice, the author I designed a page for (1:10). Alice has a great story.
Segment 3 - Rick Emerson interviews Melissa Delzio and me
Segment 4 - Rick Emerson interviews me and Paul Sorenson...and (what you've all been waiting for) I spy an ant crawling on Pauls head. Seriously. Note how I can't stop looking at it (4:44 on). Oh my gosh. At the end of the clip I'm finally able to tell Paul and brush it out of his hair. Heebie Jeebies! Note: The ant is in no way a reflection on Paul's personal hygiene. He showers and everything. It just wanted to get in on the Our Portland Story fun, I guess.
(You might note a few incorrect things in the caption on the screen grab above. Unfortunately, you won't find me at "clark-and-go.com" and I'm a designer, not a "desioner", though that sounds intriguing. The youtube uploads will be corrected shortly. They must have just been to excited to air it and typed too fast the first time 'round.)

Enjoy! And if you'd like to get your hands on a copy of the book, you can purchase one here. Don't pass up the offer to have it delivered via bike if you live within Portland's inner metro area.

- Megan

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