Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Women In Design | Event

This evening I attended yet another fabulous event coordinated by Kelly Coller, co-owner of OfficePDX. I was introduced to these Office events while I was a college student, craving contact with the city's top creative personalities.
Tonight's event was held at North and featured Lourri Hammack (President of LAIKAHouse), Kelly Tweeden (Global Creative Director for NIKE) and Rebecca Armstrong (General Manager of NORTH). The panel discussion was focused on women in design. It was really inspiring to hear the trio's stories of how they've gotten where they are today. We heard about power suits with shoulder pads, mentors, gaining weight, sexual harassment and climbing the creative corporate ladder. Although all three of these women readily admitted that work really is like a drug habit (except it's legal and you get paid to do it), their most memorable advice had to do with not embracing workaholism.  Lourri stated, "Success at work does not define you." Kelly said, "If you're good, you'll be recognized." And Rebecca encouraged us not to measure success "by the amount of time you spend in the office". I'm planning on taking that advice to heart. Thanks for sharing tonight, ladies.
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For an audio interview with Rebecca Armstrong by Exceptional Women Northwest, visit this site.

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  1. The space looks FANTASTIC. Last time I saw it, it was bombed out...