Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Portland Story | Sneak Peek #2

Waaaay back in April last year I posted about my assignment for Our Portland Story. Now, almost a year later, Melissa Delzio is wrapping the project up and is left with a few orphan stories. She asked if I'd be willing to adopt one and I emphatically said, "Yes!" I said yes because this project represents collaboration and creativity: two things I want to foster in my personal and professional life.

Here are the two layouts I've worked up for a story by Suzy Vitello about Tyron Creek and the love of her life. Her story begins, "For outdoorsy types, there is no sexier place to fall in love than Portland." Isn't that great!? And so true! Portland boasts some of the best hiking, biking, climbing and just plain 'ol views in the world. But enough from Suzy's story in the pages below. Each page uses the same content and illustrative trail map, but was designed to communicate differently. The first is subtle and feminine. The second is forward and energetic. Which speaks most to you?


  1. The first one screams Oregon to me...which is great, but I LOVE the colors on the 2nd one....a little more modern.

  2. #1 was chosen so it's good to hear that, Winnie. Thanks! I'll just have to repurpose #2's color scheme for somethin'!