Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Melissa Tomeoni. Luxury & Letterpress.

Modern and Luxury are two words I would use to describe Melissa's work. She has a way with light, composition and detail that is unmatched. Her work is contemporary, but her training was classical and the combination of the two is intoxicating. Therefore, it was only fitting for Melissa's business cards to have the same quality. In the design process we kept coming back to our two key words: Modern & Luxury. We stretched out of the business card comfort zone in a few ways to make sure the cards resonated with this tenor. All images ©
  1. Firstly, the odd size. The standard business card is 3.5x2". This one is 3.5x1.25". It's slim, streamlined and modest in size. It makes you look twice.
  2. Secondly, we chose to be scant with the information on the card. There's no title, description or even individual name shown. This doesn't work for everyone, obviously; the fact that the company name is Melissa's name helped our case a bit. Additionally, one can really find everything they need online. The mystery of the unstated industry will ideally serve as a lure to get the recipient online where Melissa's work shines. 
  3. Thirdly, the logo isn't even printed. It's a blind deboss. This technique dates back to the mid-15th century and is achieved using the letterpress process. It's extremely classic, but when used without ink and marking a geometric logo, sings modernity. I was personally thrilled that Melissa sprang for letterpress. It requires a toothy paper (which I love), really purposefully design to make it work on both sides of the card (which I love) and at least two intense press checks (which I also love). You wouldn't even believe what the pressman finagled to make the cards perfect. I don't care how technologically advanced we become as a culture and how much I love my iPhone, we will never be able to replace human hands, hearts and heads in this and so many other fields of work. (I'll post a few choice photos from the first press check tomorrow.)
The end result is a very tactile, sophisticated business card that communicates all the modern luxury Melissa Tomeoni Portrait Photography encompasses.


  1. Wow! I didn't know you ladies know each other! Small world...well, I'm not sure I've actually met Melissa, but she's a Click Chick! (c:

    And btw, LOVE the card! Megan, you are SO talented. I love looking at your work! (c:

  2. Thanks, Caitlin. I appreciate your kind words!

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