Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Exceptional Women NW

Doug Zanger was raised by a single mom and though he's had several high-caliber male role models, he finds women's stories of hope, inspiration and success full of interest and exceptional-ness. Hence, the creation of Exceptional Women NW. You can find it on PDX.FM. I discovered Exceptional Women NW a while ago when I attended an event and heard Rebecca Armstrong of North had shared her story with Doug. I went on to listen to it and be absorbed by everything she said.

Needless to say, I was so honored when Doug asked if he could interview me for this series. (Via twitter. really might work!?) Doug's a reputable and well-rounded creative. He writes (for oh, a small publication called Advertising Age...heard of it?). He teaches. He blogs. He runs Xhang Creative. And obviously, he's in radio. Just to feel like my story and the StudioM journey was something someone like him would be interested in made my heart skip a few beats.

Moving on to pounding hearts: my interview was recorded last week, but aired today and can be found online > here (episode #116). It was a first for me, but Mr. Z did a fabulous job asking good questions and unearthing tidbits of my story and what my studio is all about. Thank you, Doug. It was such a delight.

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