Monday, August 23, 2010

Becoming Clark & Co.

I'm in the midst of a (re)branding process.
The series of events that has lead me to this point:
  1. Incorporated: Bye, StudioM!
  2. Procrastinated working on the new brand.
  3. Announced new name: Hello, Clark & Co.
  4. Pulled some inspiration scrap together (some shown below*).
  5. Procrastinated some more.
  6. Asked myself, "Why can you do this for all your clients all the time but it's so hard to do for yourself?"
  7. Realized I needed outside help. Scheduled to review logo comps with Elizabeth Morrow McKenzie, owner of Morrow McKenzie Design, Creative Director at R/West and design hero of mine so I would finally get my butt in gear.
  8. Enlisted Lisa Johnson, owner of Reach Group, author of The Free Agent Formula and my beloved business mentor and client to compile a list of adjectives and attributes of my studio (show below).
  9. Met with Elizabeth. Reviewed scrap and with her encouragement added "Enthusiastic/Upbeat" to the adjective list. Gained clarity and direction in focusing on my love of all things old, but communicating the correct, modern message through the new logo.
  10. Ummmm....
  11. Well.....
  12. Still working...
To be continued.

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    1. So excited to see how you brand your new biz - so exciting!