Monday, August 16, 2010

The fruits of a summer weekend in Spokane

This past weekend the hubs and I drove out to the east side of Washington State (Spokane, to be exact) for a jam-packed weekend. We attended a wedding, caught up with family, stayed with friends, tried a new restaurant, laid by the pool, went to a car show, explored the casino, met a Japanese-American POW Korean War Vet named Yoshie who told us his life story at the casino, won $20 at the penny slots and saw two larger-than-life lemons rolling down the road on the way home. And the entire time I forgot to tote my camera along. Until of course we were on our way home and passed the giant lemons, one of which is pictured above. So that's the visual you're getting today because A) it's the only one I have and B) somehow seems to sum up this summer weekend perfectly: refreshing, bright and traversing the road.

Last but certainly not least, I got to meet up with Maggie of Shanty to shop and share coffee. (I popped into Just Because to say hi to my other lovely Newport clients, but they had skipped away to Vegas for market.) I came home with several new treasures that I can't wait to debut this fall. Maybe sooner if this heat wave subsides. What a sweet, sweet summer weekend.

Footnote: While we were away our dog procured a new nickname ("Moozilla") and was treated like a celebrity by Heaven of Green Chair Studios. Take a peek at what her weekend was like here.

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