Monday, August 9, 2010

If someone asks, this is where I'll be: Frank Chimero Art Show

On Friday night I zipped down to NE Portland to attend Frank Chimero's art show opening at Land Gallery. If you remember, I became acquainted with Frank and his work via an AIGA event this past May. As Frank said that evening, "Where surprise and clarity convene, you find delight." His art show was surprising and full of clarity and therefore very delightful. The work was very simple, human and concept-driven. Each piece told a little story or made a point. The execution was rudimentary: construction paper, sharpies, old books and colored blocks. But the messages were sophisticated and astute.
He really took the entire space into consideration. This same show can never be exhibited anywhere else in the same way because he used pieces of the gallery itself as part of the show - writing on the walls, point out pipes, captioning windows, dictating directions....again, delightful. Art should be full of personality.
I think Frank was showing us (among many other insightful things) is that what's most important is what we're saying, not how fancily we can say it. Right, Frank?

To read more about how Frank favors idea over prettiness, read this from Print.

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