Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adobe CS5. Wow.

This morning Bridgetown Printing hosted another Adobe event featuring Creative Suite 5 at the Portland Art Museum. Besides loving all the learning we did, I loved the juxtaposition of the classic, timeless artwork (including private parts, I know) and our newfangled visual technology and software in PAM's Sunken Ballroom. The fabulous new features and frills of CS5 were presented by Kelly McCathran who you can find on AdobeTV (this is somewhere I will be spending a lot of time in the near future). There were countless "ohhh....ahhhh..."s and even several "gasp!"s throughout the morning. What compelled them? Things like photo merge, patch, puppet warp, page curls in PDFs, bleed guides, perspective grid, drip features and...what? Yes...I know you don't believe me, but there really is something called Puppet Warp. Cross-my-heart. Check it out here. (BTW: Feel like you're reading a foreign language? You should've been there. I didn't realize I am so not fluent in the language of keyboard shortcuts. I'll practice and next time that will help me keep up.) And, last, but not least, WEB DESIGN in InDesign. Hallelujah. I knew I was on to something by being stubborn and doing all my digital layouts there although the experts thought it was silly.

My eyes couldn't open wide enough to take in all I was seeing. Really. And supposedly I have big eyes to start with. Bridgetown, thank you. And Adobe, thank YOU! My mind is sufficiently boggled. In a very good way. Long live CS5!

Favorite quote of the day: 
"You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many gigs of memory." 
- K. McCathran

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  1. Different page sizes in InDesign was the biggest one for me. I am curious why it takes them several versions to release something there has been a need for, for years.

    Thanks for the post and a reminder of the event!