Friday, May 7, 2010

UpTown Ballroom | Website in the works

This week has been a week 'o websites. I can't show all of them since I've signed contracts with agencies and studios that said I won't, but this is one that I can because they're a client of mine: UpTown Ballroom. They're a Portland, Oregon ballroom dance studio that has the skill to train advanced dancers, but the warmth and desire to work with beginners, too. Therefore, the design aesthetic is simple, with a little infused glamour.

Oh! And the menu is something I'm pretty excited about. It will be a Flash element - when you roll over 'Menu' it will slide down to reveal all of the menu items, as show in the second screen shot. Again, simple and glam at the same time! The motivation for the redesign has to do with a very exciting offer coming up....I'll be sure to tell you more once it's official.

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