Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lots of content can be lots of fun!

Just because a piece has a lot of content, doesn't mean it has to be boring. This is a piece I did for Studio Christy earlier this year. It's a digital information document (which means it's something she emails rather than printing and delivering).  There is inherent value in a printed piece; this truth can help in potential clients understanding the value of your work and services. Therefore, it was important that this piece to seem tangible although it will only be viewed on-screen.

So, our challenges were A) dealing with loads of text and B) making the virtual feel real.  

The gridding system I used was based on an invisible line drawn down the (almost) center of each page. This required the content to behave. The consistency it created also allows for quick browsing. Use of headers with all-caps and hits of color helped, too. 

I capitalized on the natural state of photos as snapshots. The pages were designed to feature the portrait work in this manner (with white borders and drop shadows). The off-kilter imagery looks as if the viewer could reach out and touch it. Additionally, the first and last pages appear to be front and back covers. The reason for this was so the piece would look like a booklet, helping us reach our goal of 'realness'.
Of course the success of the piece was largely due to the Christy of Studio Christy and her great work. Don't you just want to squeeze the little one on the front!? It's a pleasure to work with quality photography. The piece was designed using the brand elements and guidelines we established in early 2008.

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