Thursday, May 20, 2010

We are PRTLND.

I was turned onto We are PRTLND by a recruiter from Razorfish - Regan DeKoning. (She's great, BTW.) It was created by Chris Kalani of Portland, OR and I think it's brilliant. Super duper simple (the smartest things usually are) and easy to use. If you're shopping for a creative mind, you can browse quickly and painlessly. Scroll over an image and see the individual's name and talents. Click, and you're sent directly to their website. No silly profile page, excess information, or cumbersome navigation. You can continue to load additional profiles, filter your search and/or add yourself. I did all of the above and was particularly happy about how easy it was to join the PRTLND club. Speaking of...see anyone you recognize below?
I highly recommend this to creatives and non-creative needing creatives alike. Scroll yourself silly.

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