Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Wonder. A book review.

Okay, so I've been waiting for this little treasure to land on my doorstep for months now. I was one of the geeky pre-ordering people who signed up for I Wonder by Marian Bantjes as soon as they let me.

Confession: I haven't even read it yet...but was too excited to capture the silky and metallic components and share with you to wait until I made it all the way through. It's really really really really beautiful. Or, as the author says herself, "it is a feast for visual gluttons." It's fun to hold, too. Silky and smooth with a built-in royal ribbon bookmark, it's quite possibly the highest quality book I've ever owned.

In lieu of me writing about the book as if I had read it, I'm going to link you right to Marian's site where she talks about the content and process and shows snapshots of page proofs: Read Marians' words about the book. I guess that makes this post title untrue. Oops. As a self-proclaimed visual glutton, I'm sure Marian would understand. She probably judges books by their covers, too.

Staunch the salivation and click your way to Amazon to buy a copy for yourself. You'll have to deal with a very greedy visual glutton if you want to peek at mine. Good luck.

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