Monday, November 22, 2010

Type Americana: Part 1 (Lecture)

On November 12th and 13th a large group of type enthusiasts gathered for several lectures and workshops at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle, WA. I was lucky enough to be one of them. It was called Type Americana. Over the next week or so I'll be recapping who I met and what I learned so you can get in on a little of the fun too. Until next year, that is. They'll definitely be hosting the conference again; it was such a hit. Disclaimer: if you do go, know that you will encounter more than your fair share of typography scholars, designers and generally remarkable design giants. It might even be a little nerdy.

This past year we brushed shoulders with individuals such as Steve Matteson of Ascender Corporation, Patricia Cost, a soon-to-be published author, Thomas Phinney of Extensis and Sumner Stone who was at Adobe for time and now runs Stone Type Foundry Inc. (If you've been a Adobe product-user for a while, it's likely you are familiar with the font named "Stone". Yeah, he's that Mr. Stone.) It was a really great day, full of learning and meeting new friends from Montana, Texas, Wisconsin and Minnesota...along with some of the locals. To think of recounting the lectures in summary is sort of overwhelming, to be honest. In lieu of the outlines that won't mean anything unless you were there, here's a short series of snapshots from the day.

Enjoy. And stay tuned for more from my type-filled weekend in the Emerald City.

See, super nerdy, huh. I love it.

Until tomorrow - Ciao!

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