Monday, November 15, 2010

Simple Identity Design Showdown

The last 6 days have been consumed by Simple. I'm still saying, "Are you kidding me!?" but am happy to announce that I've completed my response to Simple's brief. You can find it posted on Behance, (along with the other contestants' entries) or view it below. Let me know how successful you think my final submission is in the comment section, here or on the Behance project page. Remember to click to appreciate it while you're there! If you do appreciate it, that is.


Simple is exactly what it claims to be: simple. As we all know, Simple has always been understated, classic and straightforward. But that doesn't mean they're not creative. They were the trailblazers for the "green" shoe, but they're not the type to get miffed when others followed their lead; they're more concerned about planet than copycats.

Consequently, the logo that I've designed for Simple is approachable and kind. It says, "We're serious about what we do, and we have some serious fun while we're at it."

I was really inspired by this attitude as well as their "less is more" mantra. Therefore, the type is direct, minimal and modern. There are no excess elements. In the icon, the opposing markers not only mimic the treads found on Simple's recycled tire soles, but they communicate the company's movement, progress and enthusiasm. It is also a visual reminder that what you give is what you get. Isn't that what sustainability is all about? (And, if you really want to see it, the brand's initial is in there, too.)

It's a versatile mark that works well large and small. The wordmark and icon are successful together or alone.

Creating something simple is harder than it appears. Using less is more challenging than using more. The process I went though creating this mark is a reflection of the Simple mission. Don't settle. Use less. Do better. Be simple.

Read more about the competition here.


  1. I completely agree that creating a simple logo is difficult. I spent almost a year with a graphic designer to come up with a stand out logo. After much struggle to use more, I ended up ditching the icon last minute and sticking with just the typeface because the icon was too busy. It was an expensive, time-consuming mistake, but I couldn't settle with the busy logo because simplicity is much better, cleaner.

    P.S. Your branding identity work is really nice!

  2. Awesome you're a finalist with this! Though the job includes only one word, I think your submission handles type the most competently of the ones I've seen. Your wordmark is clean and confident and presented well. I agree with your thinking behind the logo device. Good work and best of luck!