Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Type Americana: Part 4 (Font Workshop)

This is the fourth and final post in the Type Americana four-part blog post series. The last workshop was Think/Write with Sumner Stone. Mr. Stone spoke the day before about his time at Adobe. Above is a slide shown during his lecture of him, sketching. During our time with the renown type designer, we sketched out several strokes, scanned them and imported them into Type Tool (font software) and created our own custom fonts, with hand-written qualities. It was so fun! Even with a measly two hours in the lab, many of us were able to complete a majority of the alphabet. I even squeezed in some punctuation characters, like the comma, question mark and period.
My font friends, Laura and Glenn. Remember Glenn from Part 3?
A sample of my very first font, 'Clark'. Creative name, right?
We wrapped up the afternoon with a short critique with Sumner, part of which I captured on video and have shared here. The video also includes some of the introduction session. Enjoy! (I certainly did.)

Thanks again SVC. You're the best.

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  1. I wish I would've known about Type Tool when I was brainstorming for my logo. It was difficult to find handwritten looking fonts. Custom fonts--dreamy!