Friday, November 12, 2010

The Makings of Chocolate Mousse | A Studio Reflection

Through Modern Entrepreneur, we did several reflective exercises, but I think the following one was my favorite. It was ME Launch Day. We each chose an image that represented how we currently felt about our business out of a huge table full of clippings. Here's the one I chose and my reflection on why it got my attention more than any of the others:
"Building my business is like making chocolate mousse. In both activities I’m dealing with an assortment of ingredients. My business recipe includes design, art direction, print management, project management, consultation, branding strategy....the list goes on and on. Each ingredient is really good on its own (think sugar, chocolate, whipped cream); when they’re combined they make something even better (melt-in-your-mouth mousse!). But, there are some ingredients I have on the table that really shouldn’t be there and need to be discarded (i.e. egg shells). Just like a skilled baker makes beautiful and delicious things based on tried-and-true recipes, I need to determine which ingredients are keepers and what my version of a chocolate mousse-flavored business tastes like.

My motivation walking into Modern Entrepreneur Launch Day is fear. I hate to say it, but it’s true. I’m afraid. I’m afraid that the business I’m building around myself isn’t being built for myself. Every decision I make, new client I take on and project I start sets me on a specific path. I’m afraid that the path I’m forging through these choices will end up being a dusty, bumpy gravel road and one that I’m not at all interested in traveling.

When working through my Memorable Moments and Influencers, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the people who have shaped me. I’m struck with the thought that I’ve entrusted my life direction with so many others over the years and now I’m in a position to do that for myself – and for those who are journeying behind me. What a thrilling place to be. I have chosen my studio, full-time self-employment, and the life of a free agent. I’ve decided to continue my patterns of sharing and taking risks in this space. I was always told, “Some day you will own your own business.” They were right. That day has come. Now, just to see what those people saw in my for myself...

What the group saw through my story is that I am wise and skilled beyond my years. This wisdom and skill builds trust and trust invites leadership opportunities. The call to explore myself as a leader, an entrepreneur and maker of a chocolate mousse-flavored business is beckoning."

It's can look at the same image at different times and notice different things, depending on your state of mind/being. Today when I opened the image to place it here the very first thing that caught my eye was the phone off the hook. Wonder what that means...

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