Friday, January 21, 2011

Restyle Resale + Ellington Handbags

A client of mine, Restyle Resale, is debuting a new brand and product line: Ellington Handbags.
Ellington creates super luxurious leather and fabric products and is based in Portland, OR. The brand being available at Restyle is something to be celebrated, and celebrate we will. The products are being released with a kick-start: A Handbag Giveaway! And not just one handbag, but three. Une, deux, trois!
I'm thrilled for both parties involved. It's going to be a great alliance. And I had a ton of fun working on the promotional design.

If you'd like to enter the giveaway (why wouldn't you!?), simply 'Like' Restyle on Facebook (click here to do that) and post a comment telling us all which Ellington bag is your favorite. The three winners will be announced Saturday, February 12th at 8pm at the shop in Albany. If you don't come for the handbags, come for the appetizers and martinis. Oh la la!

P.S. Ellington's recent branding was done by one of my favorite Portland agencies to work with: 14 Hands. Kudos to you, too!

P.P.S. Restyle is also carrying a selection of hi, friend products, now as well. If you live in the Albany area, pop in to skip the shipping.


  1. I entered!
    Question: Is this only for the Albany area?

  2. It's not only for the Albany area, but of course that's where the event is taking place and where you can go to see the bags. :)

  3. Is this where we post our comment?
    I like Restyle Resale and Ellington Bags on Facebook!
    I like Ellington Bags because they are chic,beautiful stylish and are well made! This would be wonderful to win! Thanks Restyle Resale for having this awesome giveaway. When I"m in the Albany area I'll definitely need to check out your store!

  4. Eliza, copy and paste your comment to Restyle's FB page to enter officially:

  5. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Just posted my favorite on your page.
    Kimberly B.