Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free Agent Formula Affiliate

Ah-hem...I've got an announcement to make!
Here are three of the requirements for becoming an affiliate:
  1. You own a copy of the Free Agent Formula and have personally experienced the program.
  2. You believe in the product and are passionate about sharing it with others.
  3. You either lead or belong to a community of people to which the Free Agent Formula would be relevant.
Check, check and check!

Let me elaborate:
  1. There are actually two copies of the FAF on my bookshelf at work. One I purchased over a year ago and the new, revised edition we used in Modern Entrepreneur.
  2. If I haven't talked to you about FAF, you are in the minority. I recommend it to every entrepreneur I encounter. I've added my official testimonial to my blog, but here it is again: "The Free Agent Formula has revolutionized the way I think about my business. It opened the entrepreneurial part of my brain to countless possibilities and consequently changed the direction of my career and life. I’ve always been fearful that I would make the wrong decisions in my business and end up doing something I don’t even like. Through the FAF, I’ve seen how focusing on even the simplest of ideas can be the key in making my business exactly what I’ve always wanted: satisfying, profitable and sustainable. Cheers to escaping the sorrowful fate of so many who work for themselves!" 
  3. Hello, fellow contract designers, copywriters, art directors, photographers and start-up clients! You are my community. 
If you've heard of FAF before or this time is the first, and your interest is piqued, give me a holler and I'll tell you all the more you'd like to know before you commit to buy your own kit and start your own entrepreneurial transformation. Trust me, if you work for yourself, this is the most relevant piece of literature you may ever find.

If you know all you need to know from me and just want to get on with it, click here to visit The Free Agent Formula.


  1. hmmmm....i trust you....and the branding on the site is pretty so, I'll bite! tell me more ;)