Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cherry Hill | Business Cards

Well-crafted cabinetry. Well-crafted customer service. That's what you'll find at Cherry Hill Cabinetry. They produce absolutely breathtaking kitchen remodels. While they're at it, they truly put the 'custom' in 'customer service'. Craig Hartsock, the owner of Cherry Hill found StudioM on Inkd. Instead of purchasing already-designed business material templates, Craig requested I create some custom work for them. He's into the whole 'custom' thing if you haven't noticed. And I love that. (Speaking of custom, if the Cherry Hill pattern looks familiar, you saw it here first.)

Although he's now located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Craig lived in Portland once-upon-a-time. So when he says he'd like something 'classy with PDX character', I know exactly what he's talking about. The first project we tackled was a logo redesign and a business card combo. Craig is smart. He realized it would be silly to go to all of the trouble of creating a new business card design just to slap an old logo on it. 'Old' logos can be a good thing if they have a lot of brand equity and are in line with the company's goals and objectives. But this one wasn't. So now there's a new one! (If curiosity's getting the best of you, the old logo can be viewed here.)

Here are a few photos of Cherry Hill's work:

Hello. Has your breath been taken yet? I think I gasp every time I look at these. Beautiful. Craig, I'm honored that you chose me to produce custom creative work for your custom creative work (smile).

More Cherry Hill materials to come. Stay tuned.


  1. Love it! You do such great branding work!

    And those kitchens are BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Who are your parents and how did they do such a great job of raising a creative talent? And I really love the kitchens by Craig & Cherry Hill!

  3. Thank goodness you re-did the logo...I can't stand Papyrus!!! Haha.