Monday, August 17, 2009

StudioM | Help.

Here's the deal. I'm a part of an upcoming art show and have to submit my bio to accompany my work. It's so hard to write about myself! Therefore, I'd love love love some feedback and/or edits from all of you lovely followers. Help!

Here we go:

Since it’s onset in 2005, StudioM has primarily become known as a branding studio, but also executes communication design, web design, art direction, marketing strategy and believe it or not, studio art and illustration. The studio’s clients range from boutiques and caf├ęs to iPhone application developers and private eyes and are located across the world — from Australia to Philadelphia to Portland. This client base makes for a exhilarating range of projects.

Designer and owner, Megan Clark, works out of her home office in a little 80-year-old bungalow in the Pacific Northwest where coffee’s always brewing and her very large, lazy Great Dane can usually be found sleeping by her desk.


Megan grew up in the Midwest as a pastor’s kid. She always had an inclination for artistic endeavors, but knew from the day she won Michigan’s Corn Festival Coloring Contest that she was destined to be an artist. That was in second grade. The following years held many art classes, toothpicks, popcicle sticks, paint fumes, pens, charcoal, kneaded erasers and ModPodge®. More formal training was received once Megan entered George Fox University, majoring in Art with an emphasis on Graphic Design. During the time she was at George Fox, she attended numerous conferences, design panel discussions and networking events. She obtained design internships on and off campus and registered StudioM as a business to accommodate freelance work.

Fortunately, all of the time and energy she invested in herself paid off; Megan received and accepted a job offer from a Portland advertising agency only two weeks after graduation. The ad agency, Livengood|Nowack, was a modest size, but offered a wide client base to work with and learn from. Sadly, the agency went bankrupt in September of 2008. This turn of events accelerated Megan’s plan to eventually work for herself. She immediately updated her portfolio and StudioM’s promotional materials, had business cards printed and hit the streets on a mission: help others grow and profit through design. Oh yeah, and keep the bills paid.

So far, so good. Megan is still running her own design shop and loves (almost) every minute of it.


  1. I would change up the paragraph where you talk about going into George Fox. This is just my crack at it, but what I was thinking was...

    Though her parents enjoyed the numerous macrame plant hangers and candydishes everyone agreed a little more formal training might be a good idea. Megan enrolled in George Fox University and majored in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. (then the part about what you did and achieved then) Always one to be able to balance creativity and practicality Megan registered StudioM as a business at this time to accomodate her freelance work.

    Then after the part about L/N going kaput, put something in there about how many of the clients you worked with at L/N followed you to your own company. :-)

  2. Ooooh! Good feedback. You are so good, Denise.

  3. Which is correct: "Megan enrolled IN George Fox University" or "Megan enrolled AT George Fox University"?

  4. Parker and I say "Megan enrolled AT George Fox University" is correct. Parker is/was a journalist/editor.

    Good luck!