Friday, August 28, 2009

Elizabeth + Paul | Wedding Invitation

Happy Friday! I got the cutest invite in the mail's the story:

El contacted me to ask about designing wedding invites, but there was a catch: "...we are on sort of a time crunch since we've been gone so much this summer... eeks! Our wedding date is September 19th and we need to get them in the mail a month in advance. Is this something you even have time for?" This was on August 5th. So yes, we had to rush. Eeks!

If you know me, you know I'm always up for a challenge, so of course I said yes and jumped in. It turned out to be less of a challenge than I anticipated - El had basically laid out the entire invite for me. Not kidding. That certainly helped to rush the project along. All I did was throw my artistic touches into the piece using unique and fun typefaces, a beautiful illustration, a custom monogram, really detailed map renderings (by moi) and some secret design fairy, maybe not the fairy dust. But if I had it, I would use it. After printing, El assembled all of the pieces and added some hand-made touches. It turned out fabulously.

Invite complete. Ahhhh......Good work, team! Now, on to marriage! Funny how that seems like a relief compared to all of the planning and coordinating it seems to take to get married.....Enjoy, El. Much love, Meg.

Illustration: iStock image, modified
Photography: Jordan Philips
Printing: Reprographics in Longview, WA


  1. oh that is very cute! What font is that script, it's works so well with everything else. They are lucky to have you do their invites!

  2. Thanks, Jess. It's called Luna. I actually had it for another wedding set, but it is undeniably perfect for El + Paul, too! (P.S. I need to come invade your office one of these I used to!)

  3. super duper cute. i really like the invite