Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bakery D'Amour Party!

I'm exhausted and still full of pastries from last night's party at the Bakery. My girlfriend Amy graciously joined me as my date to attend Bakery D'Amour's Opening Party. It was a private affair, so we donned our baubles and skimmed past the 'Private Party' sign posted on the entrance. Being one of the elite is fun! What we found inside was delightful: the dining area packed with people, a pastry buffet, and lots of shiny new equipment and beautiful woodwork to admire. And that's what we did. We admired every little swirl of frosting and polished inch of stainless steel.

We mingled with the pastry chefs, newly-hired servers and project masterminds. We made new friends and caught up with old ones. (Yes, that's you, Leah! Love you.) We taste-tested eclairs, peanut-butter-and-chocolate cupcakes, pistachio cannolis, lemon poppy seed shortbread cookies, raspberry-shortbread dipped in chocolate.....


Pastry Chefs are my new favorite people.

Supplies galore.

A glimpse of what's to come.

Me and Mrs. Fran Berrey - the Interior Design Mastermind

I heart you, Bakery D'Amour!

The Bakery official opens this coming weekend. It's located at 2577 South Commercial in Salem, OR. Call 503-779-1011 or email for more information. Or....check out these previous blog posts: Opening Soon, Bread-Lovers Unite!, Bakery D'Amour Wall Art, or Sneak Peek. (To read more about Amy and Megan's post-party adventure, go to Amy's blog.)


  1. I hope they are always that crowed!
    Everything looks yummy!!
    Good luck Bakery D'Amour!

  2. we were in salem today and totally stopped by. I got a cinnamon roll. So yummy and everything was so lovely in real life! Anytime you blog about something sweet, you can count on my support :)