Friday, August 28, 2009

Typophile Film Festival

Last night
AIGA hosted an event at Portland's Art Institute. It was a "rare and unequaled selection of short typographic films...from Portugal, the Netherlands, Argentina, Bulgaria and the US" and it was awesome. Punchcut, a user interface design company out of San Francisco sponsored it. They are also awesome.

What we saw was pretty mind-blowing. For instance: type made from bacon and potato frying in a pan, jello letters bouncing around the screen, a Baskerville documentary, letters being used to communicate without them to making words. (I know, you're saying, "Huh?". I'll explain. It's like how Sesame Street shows little videos and there are letters jumping around, but they're personified....the 'O' is a large rolly-polly man, the 'S' is a slithering snake-like creature, the 'X' is a little being that seems way to excited about something...and they all interact and act out some story line. It's fun.) We saw the lives behind design, super refined letterforms, super degraded writing and....what I was most impressed with: When driving becoming writing.What do you get when you combine a software developer, 4 large colored dots, a smart car with a 'font driver' and two european font designers named Pierre and Damien? Oh my gosh. You can view it here (and you don't even have to pay $10 like I did). I try not to 'should' on people, but really. You should.

Type. Innovation. Inspiration. I love it. Let's celebrate it.

If you're up for a little typographic party, join me here:
*All by Ellen Lupton because I love her.

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